OPINION: The influence-peddling highway

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In Panama, donations to political parties and candidates in an electoral campaign are a business, at least when it comes to large contributions. Those who want to profit from a new government must help it to gain power.

 Thus, your donations are the obligatory toll to gain access to the influence-peddling highway. How do you get your contribution back? Depending on the level of influence, a "donor" or "investor" can create bills in their favor or stop those that are adverse; access to the investment portfolio of the State to achieve works that are arranged to favor them; access to the highest spheres of power; appointments in the Public Ministry; the Supreme Court, including the Executive and the Legislative, in fiscal control entities, notaries, consulates and embassies. This level of influence is the worst kept secret in the country, but nobody does anything at all. The Electoral Tribunal, in this matter, is a stone guest, and the Legislative one seeks obscurantism. Thanks to our indifference, the darkest example of this disdain is Odebrecht: it has been muddying Panamanian democracy with its dirty money for years. We are becoming a really pathetic country.- LA PRENSA, Oct.19

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Public corruption cases are important in Panama because without them the judges wouldn't be able to get their piece of the pie through bribes and payoffs. You see everything here in Panama serves a purpose.

1 month ago
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