OPINION: The Fourth Bridge Snafu

786Views 0Comments Posted 30/10/2020

If something is shown in the execution of the project for the fourth bridge over the Canal, it is that governments - whatever their color - lack a state project. The works they propose or carry out respond to their own political interests and not to satisfy the needs of the community. This particular project was conceived in the past administration and the current one has dismembered it without our clear explanations for doing so. Its execution has been erratic and directed by a minister who, in a very short time in office, already has a wear and tear on himself due to the management of questionable projects. The importance of designing works with strictly technical criteria saves costs, demands, time, and money. However, we witness that there is improvisation, that suspicions are justified, and that transparency in government is a rare word, the meaning of which is unknown to most officials. These megaprojects require planning, as one mistake ends up costing us millions of dollars. Start planning before venturing into such enormous expenses that later - through negligence or inability - end up costing much more. LA PRENSA,Oct.30

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