OPINION: The arrogance of Panama's government purchasers

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The respect that the authorities should feel for the citizens is totally non-existent in the current circumstances. As if it were a state secret, the Social Security Fund refuses to provide information on the purchases of medical supplies for the pandemic that it carries out with other officials of the ministries of the Presidency and of Health, scoffing with derision and unconcern at the Transparency law.

Their spokesmen say that they do it with transparency, in a twisted interpretation of the current legislation on this matter. They do it with the assurance that there will be no consequences.

Behind this veil of secrecy, they try to hide the shameful negotiated onerous purchases, in which the State, once again, is ripped off without any scruples. The arrogance of our rulers is only comparable to the volume of money they manage to make by taking material advantage of the disease and deaths caused by the pandemic. Simply put: absolute inhumanity. LA PRENSA, Sep. 14

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