OPINION: Supreme Court fosters impunity

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Slowly, drop by drop, as if it were an old pipe, the Supreme Court of Justice is declining to the Public Ministry, the cases of some deputies from the past period who lost their seats. It seems an arbitrary exercise, in which some politicians continue to maintain a friendly guardianship of the Court, while others are referred with unusual speed, to ordinary justice. This judicial behavior suggests that the payroll case is dying on the magistrates' podiums, which neither can nor want to process the network of corrupt and powerful gentlemen and ladies who govern our policy. It remains in mystery, why our highest court retains the case files of a former president and former deputy of the Central American Parliament if almost a year ago they declined all their competence over this citizen. Thus, the days are transformed into weeks, these become months, and finally the years of proceedings pass, long hopes that finally only lead to the path of judicial default, and to the most disguised impunity. What kind of  country does the Supreme Court want to make us? LA PRENSA, Oct. 15






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George Klk

Panama | Corruption Will Not Entirely Disappear. Everyone in office appears to be complicit in one way or another. Not everyone wants to be implicated in any way or another. Judges would have to be entirely replaced. Panama would be stigmatized by ALL the notoriety. Mafia political network has too much dirt on every citizen and banks. Mafia political network has already crippled criticism of any kind against media news publishers of former president Ricardo Martinelli. Panamanians are watching closely for any system failure but need further education and tools for the potential political crises.

7 months ago
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