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The No to reelection campaign paid off

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The intensity of the electoral tournament has been transferred to the scrutiny boards of several of the country's multi-member circuits, where the tally of minutes continues. The competition between parties and candidates for free application has been so close that each vote counts. In such circumstances, the counting and detailed review of the results should take as long as necessary so that the results leave no room for doubt. The Electoral Tribunal, for its part, must continue to clarify in a transparent and expeditious manner the controversies and questions that arise with respect to the electoral law. Finally, the leaders of the political parties have the obligation to promote moderation and calm among their militants. After an exemplary presidential election, Panama must not lose the way and deviate from the democratic tradition of quiet electoral processes, in which the losers recognize the winners, and they treat their adversaries with dignity. The 30 years of democratic tradition have taught us that political cycles are constantly changing and that those who lost today can be the winners of tomorrow. We all need democracy and institutionality to come out strengthened from this exercise - LA PRENSA, May 8

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Virgil E Eaves Jr

There is no democracy. In a democracy, the majority always rules. Panama is a constitutional, representative republic. That is why it is called “The Republic de Panama”. Stop labeling it incorrectly.

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