OPINION - Spendthrift Culture

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The Ministry of Culture (MiCultura) has produced a surprising management report. Although it is plausible that it has generated work for national artists in the midst of the pandemic, the truth is that it also decided to award contracts - some direct, others in competition - for unnecessary and even superfluous expenses, since everyone knows that the country needs each penny and waste is unforgivable.

The level of irresponsibility of MiCultura, in this particular case, and of the Government, in general, is worrying because officials do not seem to understand the economic situation in the country. The Minister of Culture even went so far as to offend journalists and the media, who are only doing their job of serving as a counterweight to the constituted powers, Therefore, they have the right to question the use of State resources that - be understood correctly - are not peculiar to the minister, but to all Panamanians and, consequently, the duty of this official is to render accounts on their use. Culture is part of our identity, it is the expression of who we are and the minister of the portfolio in question is very far from representing us as Panamanians concerned about the future of this country LA PRENSA, Feb. 5

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