OPINION: Shameless Actions

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Multiple criminal complaints, reckless denunciations, civil kidnappings and an intense campaign of media intimidation and defamation on social networks have become the tools to finalize battered Panamanian justice.

 A former attorney general of the Nation, two former magistrates of the Supreme Court two forensic doctors, prosecutors and other public servants in fulfillment of their duties, have been recent victims of  shameless actions.

To add more elements to this tragicomedy, it requires them to pay millions of dollars for fictitious damages to his rights. With such acts, he seeks, through intimidation, to stop being investigated, to leave him alone, as well as his inner circle. None of this would be possible without accomplices who, from the bodies in charge of imparting justice or from the private practice of the legal profession day after day, nurture such nonsense.

That complicity facilitates the most blatant impunity, condemns us to international lists and causes mistrust in the world. It is time for this country to stop being a slave to the king of corruption.- LA PRENSA, Jul.30.

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I agree, I have experienced a situation in Asia with a president thinking that he and his cronies could get away with everything. Till businesses (Mainly US and Europeans) moved out. Result was impeachment and convictions. Businesses who are tied to strict laws against bribes, money laundering and other corruptions won't take a risk to either invest or loose their investment. These so called leaders are not there for the country, they're just there to secure their own good. Another problem is the people, if you would ask, who wants change....everyone will put up their hands. If you ask, who wants to change......all hands will go down. In this case nothing will ever change. The world has become very small and competition for world dominance has become more evident over the past decades. If Panama wants to loose out on opportunities, than the current path is the right direction my guess.

2 weeks ago

Systemic Corruption is hard to eliminate. It is a given in Latin American countries (and select others) that those who have money or connections can get away with almost anything. Justice then becomes multi-tiered rather than uniform. Accepting that “that is the way it is [in Panama] does, in fact, diminish its standing worldwide. Also, the people stop caring who gets elected because one is no different than another; a new election merely is an inconvenience as people scramble to set themselves up in a new network of “connections”.

2 weeks ago
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