OPINION: Sex-Ed vs  Reelection

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The results of a recent study by the Gorgas Institute on the transmission of the sex disease chlamydia trachomatis among students aged 14 to 19 in public schools in Panama, Panama Oeste, Colón and the Ngäbe Buglé region reveal facts of great concern. It was found –for example– that the disease has been present in 1 in 4.5 women and in 1 in 9.1 men. Another finding is that a high percentage of adolescents said they had had previous sexual experiences with three or more individuals, which increased the prevalence among these women to 33.5%. But these numbers reveal something else: our teens lack formal sex education, which makes them ignorant of sexual prevention. The National Assembly remains on the sidelines, as if this issue was not its concern. The deputies choose to do nothing so as not to have to pay the price when it comes to being reelected. They prefer to enact laws to proclaim the day of the sandals or the corn fritter, instead of fulfilling their legal and earthly responsibility, since it is one thing to be an official of a secular state and another, very different, to believe that you are at the service of an ecclesiastical state - LA PRENSA,Sep.1

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I agree it's Catholic clout that prevents both sex ed in schools and marriage equality for gays.

17 days ago
casual observer

The Catholic Church is the main obstacle of sex education in the school system.

25 days ago

Being a retired health teacher who was involved in Sexual Education I feel I can add some past experience to this subject. When we started this program in a high school of 800 students we lowered the rate of pregnancy from 20 girls a year to five. The key is teaching sexual respect, especially by males. The more educational information you give young people the better responsible decisions they will make for their protection and future. It is not about saying "NO TO SEX". It has about teaching them why "It is important to wait to have sex". They need to know the consequences about relationships and diseases that can hurt them and why. They need to understand some sexual diseases have no cure. Some will make them sterile forever and some can even kill them over time. Young people will make better decisions when they have the knowledge about what can hurt them and their health. They also need to know how to protect themselves if they choose not to wait. This is not the responsibility of the church but of the schools working with the parents.

25 days ago
Oh ya

Don't just blame the lawmakers you have the Catholic Church to deal with. So this is why you see kids raising kids

25 days ago
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