OPINION: Sanitizing the Assembly

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Although the composition of the new National Assembly that will take office on July 1 is not fully defined, there are two aspects to be highlighted. The first is the existence of a small bench made up of independent deputies, which includes new political talents, among which stands out the youngest and most voted deputy of the whole country. This bench should be the standard bearer of institutional sanitation and the one that pushes a reform of the legislative body. At the same time, it must avoid being absorbed by the politicking and clientelism that reigns in the Assembly. These new faces contrast with the second aspect, and that is that the political party that won the Presidency of the Republic would also have an absolute majority in the legislative power. Although this gives governability to the new administration, It will also be necessary for the whole society to watch over it, so that democracy works and the rule of law is maintained. The new government must understand that those who gave their vote did not give him a blank check to do as he pleases. And the Assembly now has the opportunity to overcome its old vices and prevent new dilemmas – LA PRENSA, May 7


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George Klk

Panama | New National Assembly: Independence of the new deputies and... absolute majority in the legislative power. Independence of new deputies would collectively gather for the common good. 1. What is the road map for the common good? 2. What is the road map for new reform? 3. What is the new president role with the new independent deputies? 4. What tactical delays will the opposition party deliver? 5. What does the opposition party want in the next five years before the next election? 6. What compromise will the new independent deputies agree to with the opposition party? 7. What blank checks will be presented to the new independent deputies? 8. What blank checks will be presented to the opposition party if any is presented? 9. What blank checks will be presented for the next election campaign for propriety? 10. What dominant influence will the opposition party have over the new independent deputies? The common good: Maximize the efficiency of the Panama canals for the good of Panamanians. a. Replace old canals with two new, large, efficient, reliable and earthquake resistant canals. b. Replace old canals with 60% - 80% water saving basins. c. Replace old canals with the authority of the United States...original builders. d. Replace old canals and establish the U.S. flag with the China flag at the Amador Causeway. Allow equal and fair diplomacy with the U.S. on infrastructure projects. The common good must recognize capitalism... 1. Must reduce excessive public state funds such as travel expenses. 2. Must not allow any part of Panama to be confiscated by foreign nations. 3. Must not allow any part of Panama funds to be used without state authority. 4. Must verify every source of state fund transactions. 5. Must verify every source of funds from any organization. 6. Must verify every source of funds for criminal activity. 7. Must verify every source of funds is distributed properly for state projects. 8. Must verify the agreements made with President Varela and China. 9. Must verify and made public the Varela / China agreements to full transparency. 10. Must take necessary actions to invalidate any agreements unfairly favorable for China. 11. Must take necessary actions to prevent the espionage sales of China's Huawei devices. 12. Must work closely with the U.S. for the security, welfare and common good of Panama. Panama must maximize capitalism and maintain control from abuse of state funds. 1. Prevent the hiring of family members among the new independent deputies. 2. Prevent the hiring of botellas. 3. Prevent unaccountable check transactions. 4. Prevent the opposition party influence on negative public control of state funds. 5. Prevent any new elected official/s from underground access to state funds through institutions. 6. Prevent any new elected official/s from hiring a battery of lawyers only to flee the country. 7. Prevent any new elected official/s from receiving suit cases of cash from public state taxes. 8. Prevent any new elected official/s from attaining profits at the expense of Panama projects. 9. Prevent tax evasion from any amount not just the limit of $300 thousand. 10. Prevent any opposition party proposals for immunity laws for future crimes. 11. Prevent any obstruction of justice of the General Comptroller audit investigation. 12. Prevent banks / financial institutions from collaborating with organized crimes.

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