OPINION: Safeguarding corrupt politicians

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The National Assembly approved in the first debate the bill No. 50 that would eliminate the power of the Public Prosecutor's Office to order preventive detentions in cases that still continue with the mixed inquisitive system. The proposal was presented by the deputy Hernán Delgado, of the Democratic Change party, who was also the manager of the summary test requirement to prosecute the deputies, contained in Law 55 of 2012. At first glance, it seems harmless, but it must be vigilantes of any legislative add-on, which frees detainees in high profile cases or even spoils the extradition of those investigated who fled abroad to avoid the action of justice. It is clear that the project sticks another stake in the body of the Public Ministry, an entity that has become a nuisance for corrupt politicians and their henchmen. The ominous precedent of Law 55 of 2012, which protected the deputies, should be enough to avoid another goal that completely defeats the fight against great corruption.- LA PRENSA, Sep.4


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