OPINION: Safe Tourism  more than a smile

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Tourism is a strategic economic activity for the country. With the current situation we face, tourism can generate important currencies and jobs that are needed. Making this activity work is not only the responsibility of the State, but also of companies, citizens and civil organizations that fight for a better Panama. Our country loses opportunities every time bad news about xenophobia or the insecurity of tourists is spread internationally. We all know that Panama is not like that. Why let insecurity take over our natural, cultural and urban attractions? How long are we going to allow unscrupulous businesses, Irresponsible taxi drivers or jacket and tie tricks scurry tourists? We are letting the most irresponsible of our nation put an end to the prosperity and future of all. There are no valid excuses, we have already exceeded the time of the simple smile. Now is when we have to defend and protect our visitors as the great hosts we are. A safe tourism gives prosperity to the whole country.-LA PRENSA,Aug  6.

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Ancon Harpy

What are jacket and tie tricks?

4 months ago
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