OPINION: Respecting citizen rights

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The national government has deployed multiple initiatives aimed at alleviating the economic burden on Panamanians, and at encouraging the flow of investments to strengthen post-pandemic recovery. A set of rules have established income tax or cadastral incentives and moratoriums, and the dates for filing returns or complying with payment arrangements have been extended. All of this is welcome; however, the state administration can do much more. For example, pay all suppliers who have already provided different entities, but their accounts fell into expired terms.

Another measure would be the automatic return of taxpayers' credits for taxes paid in excess, and which the State takes considerable time to process. Perhaps the most responsible measure to fiscally stimulate the economy, and alleviate the cost of the pandemic, is nothing other than rationalizing public spending and defending every penny that belongs to Panamanians.

The population deserves that their sacrifices are respected and that their rights are defended – LA PRENSA, May 17

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Conservatives used to talk about the need for law 'n order. They demanded strict enforcement of immigration laws, for example, and harsh penalties for lawbreakers. Now we see their dedication to law 'n order is highly selective.

16 days ago

Here comes captain with his "right to obey the law" bullcrap. If they made a law to eat poop, captain would do it. What a shallow minded, socialistic moron. Some day following dictatorship instead of what you know to be right will cost you dearly. Guess he needs to be educated about the Norriega story. They did what he told them to do, and many were tortured for it. Fools!

16 days ago

Yes the right to obey the law ....good you realise this and stop complaining .These are sensible steps to save lives and ensure our health system can cope. If you don’t like it ship yourself down to San Paulo where they are running out of space for mass graves. Grab a spade and go help.

16 days ago

Mr. President, Ms. Turner serve your country and not WHO

16 days ago

What are these "Rights"? The Right to stay locked inside? The Right to have your business bankrupted? The Right to lose your job? The Right to be arrested for stepping onto the street on your non allotted date or time? The Right to become totally dependent on your master by having to eat from his $80 food certificate? What are these Rights because the article never mentions what Rights people have! Apparently the Right to Obey!!!

17 days ago
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