OPINION: Rescue plan for Panama justice

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The National Agreement for Development reached a consensus on its proposal for constitutional reforms in the Judicial Branch. The initiative must now be submitted to the plenary of this organization to be approved, modified or rejected, and thus become the final text of the reform project that will be delivered to the next president of the Republic. After several decades of tough questions about justice and major scandals in the Judicial Branch, this is the opportunity that Panamanian society must take advantage of in order to make a structural reform that strengthens the institutional framework and removes the dangers of corruption and conflicts of interest. of the country's courts and tribunals. The new government must call a much broader national consultation to contribute to the work that the Concertación has done. The consensus document that will soon be born into public life is only the beginning, an invitation to debate, of which we must all participate. This is an opportunity that, free of all political pressure and unjustified hardships, should be used to rescue and safeguard our Rule of Law.-LA PRENSA,June 4.

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