OPINION: Pubic servant theft  now the rule

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The initiative of the independent deputies to extend to other officials the obligation to present the affidavit of patrimonial property is not only a clamor that they have managed to crystallize in a preliminary bill, but that it becomes necessary. The growing wave of allegations of unjustified enrichment of numerous public servants is as alarming as scandalous. The examples are no longer an exception; they are the rule, with the aggravation of a genuflecting judicial organ, completely separated from its duty to impart justice, becoming complicit in malicious acts. Therefore, it is necessary to have mechanisms that promote greater transparency, so that all citizens realize who accesses these positions to get hold of our tax money and who keeps their hands clean. And for these mechanisms to be effective, the preliminary draft must specify that these statements be public and disclosed on the websites of the institutions where officials work with that obligation. After what happened with the intended reforms to the internal regulations of the Assembly, we hope that the deputies will fulfill their romise to be agents of change, at least, on this issue. – Hoypoyhoy, LA PRENSA, Sep. 8

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george klk

Panama | Greed For Theft To Great Facts: The Norm of the Institution (N.A.). 1. Get back the Ham re-election agenda. 2. Get back the cold-hard cash to work with. 3. Get my share as everyone else. 4. I need a new car real bad and...house...etc. 5. I need a vacation real bad...see some camels...etc. 6. I need to gamble real bad with the ladies and a few drinks (hard liquer!). 7. I need to arrange a favor from China and their bank. 8. Panama does not know about money, better leave it to us...non-transparency. 9. National Assembly has big plans for the Panama state treasury...China wants to know. 10. My secretary, staff and family members deserves a big raise. The cookie jar hand is a not that easy to cure...money...money...money...dream about it. China will give me big loans if I can just get a hold of some...collateral (Panama funds). I deserve it...I'm a lawyer... Panama gets their ham from China big construction proposal anyways. What does Panama have to complaint about...they ruin everything.

4 months ago
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