OPINION: Politics hijacked by thugs and crooks

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Starting today, Panamanians celebrate the national holidays. Our separation from Colombia marked a milestone, since then we have taken the reins of our destiny as a State and a nation. After more than 100 years of republican life, we must ask ourselves where we are going, what kind of democracy we want, and what we are as a society and as citizens. We should have learned from our failures, but we seem doomed to walk in circles, making the same mistakes. Corruption is suffocating and has permeated even our homes, something that will eventually lead many to commit acts of corruption, making our society vulnerable and tolerant to this rot. Our future is now uncertain, as politics is hijacked by thugs and crooks who disfigure our identity as citizens and country. The growing dependence of Panamanians on clientelism, created and cultivated by white-collar criminals entrenched in the Government, puts the future at serious risk, as the country is filled with drones instead of productive people. Let us reflect on how to separate ourselves from corrupt Panama to flourish as the honest and upright Panama – LA PRENSA, Nov. 3.

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Panama: Corruption Has the State Funds, Police Security and the Untouchables. Panama president stated his... a. [Untouchables, Unity and his Three Unconstitutional advisors with no election reforms]. Panama President Cortizo ignores citizens corruption complaint. b. Martinelli beats up lawful witnesses with their evidence against him... c. Yanibel Abrego provides non-transparent funds from the state for self-enrichment in the form of supposed legitimate businesses for president Cortizo and re-elected political sleuths! Sale of... dirt / cowcompost - fertilizer from the Yanibel Abrego own back yard! Yanibel's lake size excavation for president Cortizo! e. Panama government has power over the corrupt police and prison facilities. f. Panama government officials have a pass for... All... crimes and impunity. g. Panama legal attorney has stolen the Children's shelter funds... $89,000, no legal charges! How can the government provide for the welfare of Panama when... former President Martinelli himself stole funds from the State using his personal secretary Chichi De Obarrio - paid extravagantly for his complicit deed of... $1,000,000 for a wedding and house? How? $100's millions vanished with non-transparency, some of which was recovered with no real consequences! What a few years in a high-class prison with friends and drinks with restitution? Calling out names and publishing in the news political culprits with no real damage to their careers is absolutely an underground or should we say... exposed alleged culprits with police security complicities. In Panama... because of this blatant in the face corruption, why even obey the laws? If the government officials of Panama break the laws for $100's millions to $billions... there is no reason why... Panama Citizens cannot break the laws and loot the stores and banks!!! Burn the buildings to the ground, just don't touch the political mafias and their properties. Let them enjoy their dirty money laundering and let the... Panamanians enjoy their loots. Panama economy will go down in poverty... might as well take what is yours (Taxes) before the Panama government thugs takes your property anyways! They have done it and have gotten away with it. This example serves to teach Panama to do as the government teaches within their circle... Government rob the citizens.... Citizen rob the government from their taxes or business revenues. Panama is essentially lawless and the Citizen crimes do not have to be performed all at once!!! Let the government work for their money and try to stop the underground individual operations of the mass (victims)... [IMPOSSIBLE]!!! What does a someone do when he is robbed... get back his money anyway he can! Right? Martinelli profited $14 million just to purchase Israel's spy equipment and now fight the evidence against him with more of his stolen State funds to pay his battery of lawyers!

1 month ago

Nothing will change without consequences— feet need to be held to the fire. Corruption will flourish until leaders denounce tyranny (tyranny is when the government knows everything about you; democracy is when you know everything about the government). A good place to start is to declassify the country’s contract with the Pharmaceutical companies supplying Covid “vaccines”. That will never happen because a clause in the Contract forbids transparency. LaPrensa, why aren’t you pushing for this reveal— you may not have to suggest the “corruption” problem you speak of, you may prove it; unless you don’t think the citizens deserve transparency.

1 month ago

Good article, nothing else to add.

1 month ago
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