OPINION; Panama's eco tourism gold mine vs casinos

Panama is in world's top 10 countries for bird watching

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The 'Big Global Day' 2019 was an event that allowed recognizing the rich Panamanian avifauna. Our country was declared as one of the 10 best places in the world for the observation and study of birds. Without having to build megaprojects or large structures, ecological tourism offers a valuable option for the creation of jobs and the promotion of our country brand. Likewise, whale watching, underwater diving, hiking, and other complementary activities are key to sustainable development. In Panama, these offers have been disregarded in favor of skyscrapers, malls, and casinos. More people can eat and live well taking care of our nature and facilitating the responsible tourism of our protected areas, than other activities that are temporary. On the eve of a new government, It is pertinent to look with good eyes on ecotourism and the protection of our natural resources. If it is done well, we all win - LA PRENSA , May 10

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