OPINION: Panama Justice perverted

Supreme Court action needed

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The new Panamanian criminal justice system is based on procedural guarantee legislation, whose expectation was to produce judicial processes with speed, immediacy, concentration and, above all, equity of the parties. That aspiration has remained very limited in the case of Ricardo Martinelli. All the procedural vertigo of the cause of the punctures, including the traumatic conduct of the Supreme Court of Justice, the excessive exercise of dilatory and reiterative remedies by the defense, and the multiplicity of legal loopholes in our justice system, has created uneasiness and despair in public opinion. The decision of the Public Ministry to announce constitutional safeguards to recover due process in this case,[Martinelli trial} requires the Supreme Court to act with diligence and speed, to correct the actions of the trial court, which can only be considered as a product of bad faith. The tests that had to be practiced were those approved by the magistrate of guarantees Jerónimo Mejía in the previous stage. That discussion was already over. The decision of the trial court to reject evidence at this point does not leave another way to the prosecution  but to resort to the protection of guarantees as a shield to protect almost five years of work, and keep alive the hope that in Panama you can do justice no cheating and that the law is the same for everyone – LA PRENSA, Apl.13


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That's an incredibly one sided piece considering it's the fault of the own fiscalia for fucking up the case. They were warned over and over again to do several things to ensure the case against Martinelli ran smoothly and they out right ignored that advice. For instace, there's no official document detailing what exactly is Martinelli being accused of. There's the *apperance* of there being such a document, but there isn't. That from the get go will doom the case against Martinelli and I'm astonished they haven't formally charged Martinelli with anything. Moreover, since the fiscalia had control of all the evidence all the time, whose fault is it that seals were broken and the evdence thus contaminated? Is it that the Ministerio Publico now going to say that Martinellini himself broke the seals? What was the judge supposed to do when the prosecutor's OWN witness, the guy the prosecution said they have 100% trust in says he doesn't recognize the evidence he supposedly certified? In what jurisdiction is it considered just that the acussed can't see the evidence piled up against him and won;t be able to interrogate the key witnesses against him?

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