OPINION: Panama in search of Statesmen

LA PRENSA cartoonist Low, depicts the 7 prewsidential candidates and their sitraps

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Today comes the end of the electoral campaign and we will enter a period of reflection on what will be the future of the country, which will be defined next Sunday, vote by vote, for each voter who comes to exercise his right to vote. Many of the voters have already chosen their candidates for president, deputies, mayor and representative. Others remain undecided, without knowing who to trust. All those who are of voting age must do so, but that obligation must be fulfilled with responsibility, duly informed. On this depends the course of the country, the economy, education, security and, above all, institutionality. It has been precisely their lack that continually puts our democracy in check, making it vulnerable to the whims of politicians, authorities and rulers. If we want a State, We need statesmen. But if our individual needs take precedence over our collective needs, then we will have anything but a State. If we vote to pay a favor, we will mortgage the future of our next generations. Then, let's reflect on what we want. Our decision today will define what we will be -or we will not be- in the next five year -Hoyporhoy, LA PRENSA, May 1.

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Virgil E Eaves Jr

Panama is not and never was a “democracy”. It is, in fact, a REPUBLIC. That , mi amigos y amigas, is the reason it is called The Republic de Panama.

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