OPINION: Organized crime Panama penetrationo

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Organized crime has gone beyond the borders and capacities of countries. In the United States, for example, to judge a figure like Joaquín ChaponGuzmán, respecting his presumption of innocence and his rights, have had to take extraordinary security measures. In Mexico and Colombia, for their part, crime defies the State completely. Panama does not escape this terrible reality. Corruption has penetrated prisons, security forces, politics, the Public Prosecutor's Office and even the Judicial Branch. Faced with this situation, the State has undertaken a strategy of controlling the most dangerous criminals with alleged connections to international cartels. The Punta Coco prison is not a perfect solution, however, the adjustments and modifications undertaken by the Government have made it appropriate to respect human rights. The history and profile of detainees demand permanent monitoring of their actions and, at the same time, It demands that citizens stay alert about this criminal. While fighting organized crime, we must work seriously to prevent its growth LA PRENSA. Feb 11



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Virgil E Eaves Jr

Makes a strong case for the death penalty...or just legalize drugs and put most of them out of business.

6 months ago
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