OPINION: Objectionable actions

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The recent performances of Cambio Democrático (CD) are objectionable from every point of view. Its bench claims to be an opposition party, but it made a pact with the ruling party to elect the president of the state's most political body: the National Assembly. What kind of opposition is that? The majority of his deputies voted in his favor on the condition of making penal reforms that favor a particular politician, who, at the time, was the person with whom they met this week. In addition, they decided to send a letter to demand that the Foreign Ministry intervene in favor of the children of the politician of yore, but we frequently hear him demand that politicians take their hands off justice, which is precisely what he wants now. let them make their new fools useful, despite the fact that it conflicts with the Constitution. By last, they lie by arguing that the detained children of the subject are alternate deputies of Parlacen, since that regional body has already recognized that they have not been sworn into office. Today they want to be recognized as Central American parliamentarians, but the father had no qualms about despising that same position when it no longer served him. Well-off and opportunistic. That's what they are - LA PRENSA, Jul. 10

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