OPINION: Nothing seems to change

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The report of the US State Department on the exercise of human rights in 2020 reveals abuses committed, in particular, by agents of the National Police against the LGBTI community due to restrictions during the pandemic. It also points to the fact that people with disabilities continue to lack access to travel. The report addresses the issue of abuses committed against women, and specifically points out the case of discrimination suffered, by her superiors and colleagues, a pilot in the National Air Naval Service (Senan) after filing a complaint of sexual harassment. But it also analyzes the issue of defamation suffered by journalists in the National Assembly and the civil kidnapping of this medium by former president Pérez Balladares, and how corruption is perceived at all levels. The report refers to the case of the punctures and the ruling that declared Ricardo Martinelli not guilty, and to the Odebrecht case against former presidents Juan Carlos Varela and Martinelli. The Supreme Court ruling that dismissed the case of the Riegos de Tonosí project did not go unnoticed. The report maintains that: "Corruption continued to be a serious problem in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches and in the security forces." Nothing seems to change. – LA PRENSA, Apr. 1



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George Klk

Panama: Nothing Seems to Change...Corruption Does Not Change. United States takes notice of Human Rights abuses and may take stronger actions. Stronger actions in that Panama may be a threat in the near future to the... United States and global communities. Stronger actions in that Panama may suffer political elite sanctions and... Panama president Cortizo just makes a phony face...hiding the well-known truth. Truth of rampant corruption he promised to cleanup...the "untouchables". Former president Martinelli made his wealth from Panama's state funds with evidence. Martinelli has his connections and Israel's Pegasus spy equipment, next... a full-blown corruption level never seen before...makes former U.S. pres. Trump look like an angel! Panama is looking a lot like... [Russia]... and this espionage game is the adventurous type with lots of movie action figures...pres. Cortizo probably enjoys it. President Cortizo...Panama's blood will be in your hands with the folly of another Venezuela!

3 weeks ago
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