OPINION: New normal  without planning means chaos

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Some aspects of the process of normalization of the economic activities of the country seem improvised since there are inconsistencies that prevent its full reopening. You cannot ask the entire population for strict hygiene measures when we know that there are entire populations that lack drinking water service 24 hours a day. In the same way, tourist activity will not be able to return to normal if there are factors that prevent it. What is more, some components of this industry depend on others, such as international flights, for example, whose normalization depends on the demand for the service. Without demand, the hotel sector - among others - will have problems, in addition to those it already faces due to various existing restrictions, such as confinement on Sundays or the impediment to go to the beaches, especially in the interior, where there are dedicated hotels, whose reopening will not be possible with these prohibitions, since, even if they do, there will be no demand because tourists cannot go out on Sunday or go to the beach. The government must be consistent, the new normal depends on it. Without planning, the return will be chaotic.LA PRENSA, Oct. 12

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This is utter madness! How can it be that a man who hails from a country over 13,000 km away, who reportedly is a member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party that analysts have listed as a perpetrator of terrorism; a man who helped Beijing hide the severity of the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak; a man who actually named Robert Mugabe as a WHO “goodwill ambassador” (recall Mugabe was sanctioned by the US as a tyrant, overseeing bloodshed, land seizures, suppression of political opponents, economic ruin and mass human rights abuses only later having to rescind this prestigious honor upon outrage from medical professionals and human rights groups); a man who is not even a MEDICAL DOCTOR; a man who has thrown the entire world into needless chaos due to misrepresentation of facts surrounding the Wuhan Virus and changed recommendations of how to deal with the Virus more frequently than one changes their underwear and it’s due to an intellectual failure unacceptable in one holding such a position of power. I believed (wrongly??) that Panamá was an independent state belonging to its people with leaders answering to its people and responding to their direction of how they want to live — not at the whim of “this man from afar”to determine a suitable “new normal” in which Panamanians have to live. Will someone please tell us what this proposed “new normal” means — I mean REALLY MEANS — so we can decide, as free citizens, to accept or reject. Enough of fancy linguistic terms with vague undertones; tell us what is proposed in how we are to live so we can decide our future, not some world organization free to impose their will. If Panamanians have ever valued their freedom, now is a test of their will, a time to draw a line in the sand and stand resolute in their commitment to determine their own destiny. Tomorrow may be too late.

16 days ago
casual observer

Holy crap!!! That actually makes sense!!! Now....will they actually go thru with it? Proof is in the puddin'.

17 days ago
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