OPINION: Medical Graduates face threat

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 under For generations, doctors graduated in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Panama (UP) had the doors open to specializing in the best health institutions in the world. Now, the commission that certifies foreign medical schools, so that their graduates specialize in the United States, has put the UP Medical School on alert, because their facilities are not up to the standards required to accredit them. If by 2023 it does not have an appropriate headquarters, the Panamanian doctors will be excluded from being able to specialize in the United States. The funds for the new Faculty have been available and, nevertheless, the Byzantine regime of public hiring has found reasons to delay the project. In the months that are left to the current government, You can urgently address this situation and give Panama peace of mind that our doctors will continue to be trained with the best in the world. There is no excuse for this inexcusable delay, we must save our medical education and the health of all. The new Faculty of Medicine should already be a reality.-LA PRENSA, Feb. 7

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