OPINION: Martinelli threats and obstruction

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Where does the legitimate defense of a defendant end and the abuse of legal remedies begin? This is one of the essential questions that provokes the performance of the technical defense of the former president of the Republic, today a guest of El Renacer. The current prosecutor in the case of the punctures has indicated that he has received threats. At the same time, it is public and notorious that the sophisticated organization dedicated to the defense of the ex-ruler has interposed dozens of resources since 2015, some of which are merely repetitive, and which in many cases have had the obvious effect of delaying the judicial  process They were changed from court, but despite this, they have reiterated the habeas corpus asking for the umpteenth time the release of the extradited, while in the Supreme Court of Justice are considered other actions, as an unconstitutionality that again seeks to discuss what the Court itself had decided, when it denied an injunction and proceeded to legitimize what was done by the magistrate Jerónimo Mejía This festival of resources and delaying measures could be justified as the faculty that the defense has to use all means to advance its cause. However, both the Constitution and the codes give the courts tools to rule out those delaying actions. It seems that the judges have forgotten that they are the ones who put the order in the courts - LA PRENSA, hoyporhoy Apl.6


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Panama | Martinelli's Henchmen at Work Martinelli profound influence is in the fact that he has maintained and secured... 1. Founded Cambio Democratico 2. Embezzled Panama funds. 3. Henchmen with embezzled Panama funds. 4. Position Supreme Court appointed judges (higher / lower courts). 5. Position himself over a dozen lawyers for his future defense. 6. Position himself a deputy of Parlacen (Den of Thieves). 7. Position of status of impunity from the law. 8. Position of spy equipment for blackmail and extortion. 9. Position of access to Panama's financial underground system. 10. Position of access to international Visas. 11. Position of access to a get away plane and yacht. 12. Position hidden money security in the US...fled Panama. 13. Position the financial security of his family. 14. Position control of Panama news media with lawsuit threats. 15. Position control with purchase of news media/s. 16. Martinelli denies all allegations and obstructs justice with threats. 17. National Assembly deputies re-election with free hams. 18. National Assembly scores of corruption indicates organized crime. 19. National Assembly president: Yanibel Abrego corruption scandals... -- Obstruction of justice of the General Comptroller audit investigation. -- Non transparent / non documented Panama payout funds unjustified. -- $5555 per security camera. -- Yanibel Abrego continues bribes for votes with groceries. -- General Secretary of Cambio Democratico: Yanibel Abrego. 20. National Assembly a...Rotten organ (news media published). Some presidential candidates unite to pardon former president of... Panama Martinelli is a unity of corruption. Panamanians must vote with conviction for a non corrupt government. The point of the matter is it takes a nation to fight a one army man of this caliber. or... the nation may be over run by a self determined maniac for dictatorship. The United States will not stand idle with a dictator who threatens a world economy. Corruptions and arrests are extraordinarily numerous.

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