OPINION: Justice terrorized

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Panamanian justice is in danger of collapsing due to the Creole mischief and the search for impunity. Never before, in the democratic era, have so many public servants and former officials of the Judicial Branch and the Public Ministry been directly threatened. Legal codes and ethical standards applicable to lawyers lagged behind the brazenness of medical certificates and intimidating pressures. Where is the National Bar Association? No one is safe in the face of the outbursts of a tycoon who seeks to choose his prosecutors and guarantee his good judges, to repeat the previous feat. Here, public opinion has to intervene to watch over prosecutors, investigators and judges, who are easy prey for a corrupt system, which wants to chase and terrorize them.LA PRENSA, Jul.4 

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Snake Pliskin

It is similar here in the United States. Everybody is crazy, out of control. Bunch of young twerp idiots acting like they can rule the world. The men have been turned into a bunch of sissified queers that no balls. I am losing hope. Soon I will not come back to NP. There is too much crap going on in my own country and I need to fight here

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