OPINION: Justice lessons not learned

Urgency of alleged sexual crimes case m,isjudged

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A deputy of the National Assembly has serious denunciations for alleged highly denigrating and unworthy crimes.

Meanwhile, in the Supreme Court sits the case in the hands of a magistrate who, apparently, does not understand the urgency or the relevance of this.  In turn, a majority of the deputy's colleagues on his bench back him by stating that it is "political persecution."

Respecting the presumption of innocence of the deputy, we must also respect the image and dignity of an entire country and the human rights of the alleged victims, which both mattered in the case of the Ombudsman.

Two deputies from another party have already asked him in the plenary to voluntarily separate and attend to his case. Do the PRD gentlemen need four million Panamanians to ask for the same? The national repudiation against the witch payrolls, the ghost bats and other abuses of the deputies in the previous period inspired the  “no to re-election”, movement which defeated two-thirds of those who sought to return to the legislative body.

  A little over 100 days have passed, and we continue with the old practices. They learned nothing. -LA PRENSA, Oct. 14



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George Klk

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8 months ago
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