OPINION: Justice delayed

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Our judicial system is plagued with formalities that prevent - with great success, moreover - that there is real justice in Panama. The lawyers in Panama, far from litigating in substance, concentrate all their efforts on stopping the cases; present dilatory and ineffective appeals. That is, they sue the form, almost never the substance, with which, the only thing they achieve is that doubts and suspicions deepen not only in the judicial system but also in the innocence of their clients. Winning a case by delay or by prescription does not clarify whether the defendant is innocent; on the contrary, it generates a contrary perception. The Second Superior Court is sitting on a high-profile file: the case for alleged embezzlement and money laundering in the construction of phase II of the Via Brasil Corridor, the Via Domingo Díaz, and the Old Town of Panama City, in this case in which those who paid bribes confessed all the details: characters, circumstances, bribery, etc. But it has been stuck since last November in the offices of the honorable magistrates of this court, waiting for what? The prescription? What will resolve itself? Please, justices, start respecting yourself so the rest of us can do it. LA PRENSA, Apr. 26

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George Klk

Panama: Opinion Author Does Not Recognize Comments... Italian Mafias. Yes, there is the respect issues of litigating through forms. What else is new? Yes, there is many varied inactions. Yes, the Magistrates are not doing their job. Former president Martinelli... - Italian names with Italian connections! - Italian underground and largest-biggest historic Panama crimes. Delays? What else is new? Martinelli attempt for re-election in 2 to 3 years for impunity purposes! Author of Opinion article does not address specific obvious issues of control by the underground connected with the former president Martinelli. Author of Opinion article... repeat the mafia purposes of not just delayed justice. Repeat Martinelli's corruption events leading to the original pact with the court's magistrates. Court magistrates do not... do not want to hear it... Panama is just a nuisance to their... mafia plans! Author of Opinion article is just a nuisance and any allegation such as money laundering is just... [OLD NEWS RHETORIC]! Author is basically stating... shame on you and have respect for yourself? That like the Karate Kid stating... - wait that karate move was unfair, you cheated! - you're spreading rumors about me and I don't like it! - I'm going to tell everybody! Panama is and appears to be in a dire powerless position to do anything but... protest with pretty women in the streets! So far, the author of Opinion article appears to be male but that may soon change. Author... a few words of your rhetoric are not even drops of water hitting a rock. Author... get some backing from somewhere and do something and not waste our time. Unless of course you are part of the pact to make it seem you are doing something but instead... minimizing specific court delay actions! Panama is incredibly impotent like a sterile man trying to produce babies and not seeing a doctor.

17 days ago
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