OPINION: Judicial  corruption moving Panama to failed state

The Supreme Court

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There are many problems facing the country, but some of them require urgent solutions. Every day that passes we dangerously approach a state of failed justice. It is clear that without impartial judges - that is, not responding to political criteria or corruption - the country is playing something much more important than releasing a criminal. Their rigged sentences can harm the economy, the image of the country,  reduce the attraction of foreign investments, encourage entry into sanctioning lists, alter social peace and governance. Even national security can be affected. It is not small or a side issue. The only thing that organized crime, government corruption, drug trafficking, and even a common criminal need is for judges to sell or do favors of any kind.

That is enough to put the country on its knees. And the Government must understand that its responsibility is that justice does not collapse. And it has responsibility for it because it appoints magistrates, because its politicians put their hands and feet in justice, because in their ranks drug trafficking moves at ease, even under political and legal protection. Looking the other way is just allowing the expansion of the borders of crime to levels still unsuspected.

 If now the Government does not do something, we will end up with a failed State. Just see what happens in Venezuela. because in its ranks the drug traffic moves at ease, even under political and legal protection. Looking the other way is just allowing the expansion of the borders of crime to levels still unsuspected.- LA PRENSA, Aug 19.



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Panamá should outsource prosecution of political corruption. That's what Guatamala did in 2007 when it was apparent that its corrupt judicial system was not capable of doing the job. Guatamala turned to a UN-sponsored agency: The Internationall Commission Against Impunity in Guatamala, or CISIG. Until recently, it worked alongside Guatamala's AG's office to prosecute cases in local courts. CISIG's staff comes from 30 countries, so they aren't beholden to any political party. Consequently, prosecutorial decisions were no longer influenced by political loyalties and favors. A president and a vice president resigned after being investigated for corruotion. More than 160 current or former officials were convicted. Panamá should admit its judicial system can't do the job. But nonpolitical professionals from other countries can do it.

6 months ago

We feel that if ANYONE is involved in corruption of ANY TYPE and especially Judges and Public Servants - NO trial - just seize all their possessions and give them 25 years in jail with no early release and it will stop. I was told by my lawyer that if I wanted to win my law suit against someone that fraudulently stole an enormous amount of money, to cross the palm of the attending Judge and I WILL WIN!!! No questions asked.

6 months ago
George Klk

Panama | The Old Rogue Magistrates and a Flag Waving Red Soak Shirt. Panama government is highly organized and entrenched pact of corruption. Corruption entails many senior officials with the preservation of status quo...power. Corruption stacked as a house of cards that once it has fallen... a vacuum is created for a much worse...sheep in wolves clothing blood bath dictator. A dictator who immediate goal is to settle a million dollar personal debt with embellishments. A dictator does not recognize local laws and will leverage advantages with the internationals. Local laws with corrupt justices with rewarding payouts as the scene of poverty unfolds. Poverty of citizens is their business and the blame is all a...hoax. Rewards from public funds...peanuts. Anti - corruption campaigns...save the animals from mistreatment...that's better! Anti - corruption campaigns...we are not rats!...hold up signs under the miserable weather. Did you hear? The Panama justice magistrates just release another 100 corrupt officials! The last revolution was a politician in a white shirt soaked in blood...photographed. Panama...Panama...waiting for more mass burial sites because of a few rogue old magistrates!

6 months ago
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