OPINION: Judges turn their  backs on justice

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The Second Superior Court of Justice, through Judge José Hoo Justiniani, declared void the process of the corruption scandal of the Tonosí irrigation project, benefiting the 33 accused in this case. The cause invoked by the Court is inspired by that controversial ruling by Ángela Russo in the Finmeccanica case. Thus, again a court cancels a complex investigation followed in accordance with the rules of the mixed inquisitive system because the prosecution allegedly exceeded the term of the investigation. That cause does not exist in the Judicial CodePanamanian, as it was created by the Supreme Court in a high profile case.

In addition, it is not taken into account for the assessment of the investigation term all the time lost by the prosecution, for dilatory resources or for medical excuses that have been presented by the defense. For whatever reasons, the judges and magistrates who participate in these hoaxes insist on ignoring that due process is a two-sided currency: that of the accused, and that of society and the victims of these acts of corruption. A sad era that Panama lives in which the judges turn their backs on justice. - LA PRENSA, Sep. 7


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if exceeding the term of the investigation is cause for dismissal of a case, why wasn't the 'case' against Laura Michelle Reese voided a decade ago? she was held more than 7 years before getting her date in court, when of course, she was convicted to justify that negligence and incompetence. she was definitely not convicted because of evidence, testimony, or witness against her.

4 months ago
George Klk

Panama | Can a Judge Living With a Mistress Rule Against the Same? If Panama Corruption is that pervasive for many years, it comes as no surprise. All National Assembly deputies know they are safe with the judges and just need to bring back the ham state funded bait for re-elections. Imagine just raising your hand and raising your hand again and no one takes notice. Imagine waving the suggestion of power and influence in great numbers...more say in terms of $$$.

4 months ago
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