OPINION: Impunity vs Justice

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A legislative initiative of independent and opposition deputies seeks to end a blatant privilege: that the sentences in cases in which the Supreme Court of Justice processes a deputy be approved by a simple majority and not by a qualified majority, as was the recent case of the Deputy Arquesio Arias (PRD). These are clearly perks that seek that justice does not reach them. Regardless of the crime with which they are accused or the damage attributed, these people have allies in the Supreme Court of Justice who, without hesitation, consider impunity more important than justice. And although the legislative claim seeks to reverse an unacceptable privilege - which is coupled with the fact that the deputies are not subject to ordinary justice - it is unlikely that it will have the necessary support to be approved. We just have to remember that the first priority of the deputies is themselves, and reforming the law in that sense means giving up a jurisdiction. But therein lies the challenge: they have the opportunity to show that they are not interested in privilege; that we are wrong about their priorities; that they are really willing to be equal to the ordinary citizen in criminal matters. Give it a try! LA PRENSA, Apr. 21

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George Klk

Panama: Panama National Assemblies and the... Deputies? Deputies' wayward facts: 1. Deputies attempt to sabotage the judicial court system and due process. 2. Deputies and PNA under scrutiny for priviledge access to state funds. 3. Deputies' corruption records a glaring scandal and run for cover. 4. High deputy official hides from publicity to avoid scrutiny questions. 5. Panama president embarrassed to work closely with state funds manipulators. 6. PNA and deputies waiting for commands from their great leader who lacks power... Martinelli! 7. PNA and deputies waiting for their next break... the heist of the century! Panama... Chaos, riots, burning structures and businesses are what the PNA and deputies can look forward to and then... off to vacation island as Nero plays the violin... Re-elected Martinelli. First the underground connections with the banks and business investment community with... Italian name front men and henchmen. When the economy is at a break neck peak of wonderful jobs and production... Martinelli tumbles the house of cards for his and underground historic profits! Facts of the Panama situation is not hard to predict with a... re-elect Panama president. After all he fled Panama to the U.S.A. with his untold $millions / $billions... (non-transparency works). This... is the leader the Panama National Assembly want to follow!

22 days ago
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