OPINION: Health status of Indigenous  people overlooked

Health care at a premium

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The recent news about the health status of the population of the indigenous regions is alarming. Among children and young people who die of hunger, hundreds and thousands of other citizens with diseases are added - including HIV / AIDS - that require constant medical attention, but there is none.

 Panamanian doctors, especially specialists, do not offer their services to these populations, which, however, urgently require them. This is a common problem that many countries have solved by opening the professional practice of medicine to migrants from other nations. Perhaps this is the fastest and most humane solution to solve two tragedies: that of the health of the original peoples and that of the lost talent of foreign doctors who cannot provide their services in Panama.

 This could be managed with the support of international organizations that accompany these efforts. The Panamanian State would offer legal residence in exchange for work dedicated to the regions and other deprived populations. It is time to act. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 29.

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Big C

WHY are these people neglected? The govt. is sitting back and not prosecuting the thieves that are stealing the money by the millions and not being punished. Let's solve the problem by confiscating all their money, properties and bank accounts and get the country straightened out. YES their families will be poor but they only have the thief in the family to blame. In Panama TALK is cheap, and action is slow. Get your behinds in gear and take all the stolen money back and help the fellow citizens out of their poverty and get them Doctors and proper housing and food. This country is going down hill rapidly and it's because the rich got that way from dishonesty and running to the Priest for forgiveness and doing it all over again with no repercussions except a slap on the wrist. Smarten up Citizens of Panama or you will lose it to another nation that is waiting to take it over.

6 months ago
me myself and i

Do the Drs. here not take the Hippocratic Oath here when they become doctors. It is a shame that Panama will not let doctors from other countries help these people. My heart is deflated that doctors here do not and will not help the indigenous people here.

6 months ago
Richard Detrich

If we don't have enough Panamanian doctors hire Cuban doctors. Cuba needs the money: we need the doctors. Brazil did something similar since they were unable to get doctors to serve remote Amazonia areas. Panama has the money, just not the will.

6 months ago
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