OPINION: Genocide in Venezuela

Michelle Bachelet

497Views 0Comments Posted 05/07/2019

The report of the High Commissioner of Human Rights of the United Nations on the situation in Venezuela is compelling. The author of the document is Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, a leader of the left recognized for her sympathies with the Chavez regime. The report unmasks the genocide that occurs in Venezuela and reveals that "the Nicolás Maduro regime has used social programs in a discriminatory way, for political reasons, as a tool for social control ...". The evidence of extrajudicial killings and outrages suffered by Venezuelans is so indisputable and irrefutable that the neutral language of diplomacy is not capable of hiding or presenting the size of the massacre with warm cloths. Today should be a holiday for Venezuelans, for another anniversary of his independence to be celebrated; however, as recorded by Bachelet's report, there is no cause to celebrate. The 4 million Venezuelans exiled by hunger and violence are proof that the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro will stop at nothing. Now more than ever, we must demand and fight for a free Venezuela. – LA PRENSA. July 5


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