OPINION: Entrenched untouchables

HISTRIONIC, First vice president on the Assembly

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The start of sessions of the new National Assembly has been the discordant note with the positive tone of President Laurentino Cortizo's speech. Although the dominant alliance in the legislative chamber, composed of the PRD and the Molirena, had plenty of votes, added those of a faction of the CD to impose a board of directors that offers hopelessness. The election of a controversial and histrionic deputy as the first vice president undermined the unanimous choice of a young politician as president of the Legislative Body. Although it could be supposed otherwise, the surprise of those appointed as secretary and deputy secretary-general of the Assembly demonstrated the real power held by the deputy president of this organization, ensuring the best possible shield to cover up their adventures. All the ingredients are used to provoke a political combustion with new conflicts with the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Public Ministry and even with the Executive Body itself. It seems that those who practice these perversions of politics seek to be untouchable, defying institutionality. -LA PRENSA, July 3

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