OPINION: Election vice distorts reults

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The Panamanian electoral process has many virtues that we should be proud of. But it also has a defect that distorts representativeness in the polls. For example, it is intolerable that in Bocas del Toro two deputies of the circuit get 26% of the vote and the, and the remaining 74% is left without representation. This is the result of the ironing vote. An advantage that favors the largest parties. This vice is produced by the electoral law, which when modified in the National Assembly, a large part of society was indifferent to what was approved, and now we understand it was for the benefit of the deputies. It is fair that all irregularities and abuses committed in last Sunday's elections be investigated and punished.  However, if we want to avoid the rejection of the choice of questioned figures, that take advantage of the system, we must participate and monitor the deliberations of the upcoming electoral reforms. Only then will we avoid new frustrations – LA PRENSA. May 9

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