OPINION: Democracy threatened in electoral snafu

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The current electoral campaign, although shorter than the previous ones, has not stopped being the same as of all the electoral years: Pure and rampant clientelism, dirty campaigns disseminated on any platform, crime embedded in politics, lethargic electoral processes, abuse of electoral rules , accusations of political attacks in front of criminal processes in the ordinary justice, etc. Panamanians suffer the scramble for public office every five years without things improving, as all candidates promise. Suffrage is a citizen's exercise that defines democracy but is being stained by everything described above, making this something dirty. And the lack of action on the part of the Electoral Prosecutor's Office is as evident as it is unjustifiable. The vices in the electoral process tarnish the image of a country with an enormous democratic vocation, but that every day is more disillusioned by everything that happens, which is almost an invitation to commit a crime without its perpetrators having to suffer the consequences. Given this scenario, it is imperative to appoint officials who are not afraid to enforce the law against the constituted powers. Democracy is also to deliver fair and timely justice - LA PRENSA, Apl. 8


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