OPINION: Democracy sidelined by corruption

Nattonal Assenbly where self interest eaigns

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Modern democracy is going through one of its worst crises. It does not mean, however, that democracy is in danger of death, rather it goes through a metamorphosis that can redefine the political future of countries. There is no doubt that the problem revolves around serious questions about how governments are handled, where corruption and lack of transparency are at their ease. The problem worsened when economic power co-opted political power and decided to manipulate campaigns with millions of dollars. He did not do it nor does it for the good of the country; he did it and he does it as an investment because once his figure assumes political control, he has the opportunity to exploit the wealth of the whole country. Democracy is shaky, perhaps because direct presidentialism has not worked. Corruption, on the other hand, has worsened, as well as inequality and social problems. The most serious issue is that in cases such as Panama, far from shaking this intrusion of economic power into political power, what happens is that the same people who have plunged us into this corrupt vortex that has exaggerated social inequality, are those who sell and present as having the solution. Panama has enough brilliant minds, disinterested in the economic, but committed to the development of Panama. Those minds, however, discouraged and set apart by the bosses who control power, need to be reactivated and help us rebuild democracy in this country. Panama can be an example for the world, because even if we are small, what is done here in terms of democracy, can have repercussions throughout the world. The world looks at us! - LA ESTRELLA, Apl 11

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Ramona V Rhoades

Interesting. I thought La Estrella was controlled by Martinelli?

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