OPINION: Demagoguery vs the Constitution

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During 29 Sundays, a large part of the population was locked up by government order. With a simple executive decree, No. 507 of March 24, 2020, which declared a total curfew, the Executive delegated the regulation of mobility to the “health authorities”. In essence, a minister has the power - for 215 days - to decide, at his discretion, when and in what way citizens can leave their homes. The rights and counterweights enshrined in the Constitution are a dead letter. The Assembly did not question the appropriation of powers by the Executive and the Supreme Court of Justice, nor did it deign to examine the unconstitutionality claims. In a recent exercise, the lack of a photocopy outweighed the consideration of our rights. In the meantime, the reasons for keeping us cloistered became more and more cartoonish. For months it has been evident that curtailing outdoor recreation and limiting the time for people to run their errands, created stress and increased crowds, and affected the mental health of all, especially children. The incongruous situation finally begins to be remedied, but not the institutional mess. And if the lack of justice does not end this country, will do so, which advances in the absence of an economic strategy.LA PRENSA, Oct.25


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