OPINION: Defining Panama’s future

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The official delivery of the package of constitutional reforms, by the Vice President of the Republic and Minister of the Presidency, represents a litmus test for the Legislative Body. The work developed by the National Development Agreement is a starting point for a process that the deputies must understand as vital for the renewal of democracy and the rule of law. There is no room for tricks, partisan stratagems or the constitutional version of legislative addendums.

The great challenges of Panama are clearly recognized: corruption, institutional weakness, inequality, environmental degradation and the mediocrity of the performance of the social management of the State.

 The constitutional reforms presented are an attempt to oxygenate Panamanian politics and to lead the country towards sustainable human development. The deputies have in their hands the historic opportunity to fulfill the country or to confirm the worst suspicions of society. The result of this process will define the future of our nation.-LA PRENSA, July 18


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