OPINION: Criminals disguised as judges,,politicians

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When the rules of the Accusatory Criminal System were established under the principle of procedural equality of the parties, the corruption of the deputies was vulnerable. The complicity of the great majority of the members of the National Assembly in the period 2009-2014 blinded them against complaints for their alleged participation in criminal behavior. Hence the infamous "ideal test" was born. With the presentation of Judge Olmedo Arrocha, the Supreme Court decided that Deputy Sergio Gálvez is exempt from being investigated in the case of Buko Millonario, precisely because of the lack of suitable evidence. In order to be corrupt, two parties are needed, just as to guarantee the impunity of the deputies, the Supreme Court of Justice is needed. If the magistrates wanted, they themselves would have repealed as unconstitutional the norm of the Criminal Procedure Code that bases impunity. However, the occupiers of the Court, even those who claim to be renovators, know that the deputies can also investigate them. While this double impunity lasts, the country will be held hostage by criminals and corrupt disguised as politicians and magistrates LA PRENSA, Jan.6


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6 months ago
George Klk

Panama| Beginnings of a Central Isthmus Corruption Campaign. Claim: Corruption campaign started during former pres. Martinelli's reign...2009. False: Corruption campaign started before...2009, Martinelli's [deputies] were ALL TOO READY in the complicit operation, beginning with the PAN to purchase ISRAEL'S PEGASUS spy equipment. Facts: 1. Panama did not profit from the handover of the Panama canal revenues until after a few years of operation due to low early cost toll fee assessments. 2. Panama did not have assess to canal cost toll fee revenues for transparent equitable distribution. 3. Panama canal toll revenues was left to the state unregulated discretion of the National Assembly. 4. Panama National Assembly clandestine operation used the PAN to merit a corrupt payment system. 5. Former president Ricardo Martinelli immediately capitalized the use of the PAN system to establish a sophisticated clandestine operation of spy equipment to monitor his opponents for political purposes, cash and power involving international money laundering including Latin states with Brazil's Odebrecht mainly campaign re-elections. 6. Martinelli Supreme Court Magistrates knew the laws were corrigible and laxed and was complicit for easy criminal clandestine code operations. 7. Martinelli was give complete control of criminal clandestine code operations with investment and banking institution with suit case/s of money and allowed to leave the state unattended by his wife and or children after his term of office to hide his trail of corrupt operations and acquire his battery of lawyers. 8. Martinelli stalls and delay his absent court hearings from Florida, USA. 9. Martinelli use of his battery of lawyers delaying proceedings on the bases as a member of Parlacen, provided his ground work for impunity using complicit foreign Latin state cooperation. 10. Martinelli used every backup plan available to complicate any and all investigation against him including a lawsuit against the former vice president of Panama and the news media. Conclusion: Panama National Assembly created a corrupt operation based on a nontransparent function using the PAN program and therefore established a comprehensive corruption system as a welfare state with immediate access for re-election campaign sources from Brazil's Odebrecht, banking and financial institutions, PAN and canal revenues for their own self and family enrichments. Panama National Assembly was therefore able to conform the laws to suit their purposes for impunity and avoid reforming the constitution to their detriment. Panama National Assembly began nontransparent clandestine operations as the canal toll revenues began to increase with potential source revenues before the Martinelli era...2009. Former president RICARDO MARTINELLI saw a... WINDFALL PROFIT OPPORTUNITY AS A...MONEY GREEDY OBSESSED BUSINESS MAN!!!

6 months ago
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