OPINION: Collective political suicide

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Finally, a study has been carried out on the political culture of Panamanians. The results corroborate much of what we already know or intuit since it is enough to look at the preferences of the electorate when electing their government representatives. The government reflects, precisely, the great electoral universe and what we see is not very different from what the results of this study show, that is to say, that among Panamanian voters, clientelism, the “what's for me” and the lack of values, principles and an ideology is what reigns. Electoral politics for Panamanians is nothing more than a transaction —which can be called commercial—, in which the raw material that is for sale is the vote, in exchange for food, construction materials, or an appointment, while the "donors" are "investors" who hope that the candidates they supported will return the favor by awarding contracts or concessions; the appointment to high positions, inside or outside the country, or the issuance of laws from which they can take financial advantage to the detriment of the majorities. What to do in the face of collective political suicide? It is a question that all voters must ask ourselves from now on.  - LA PRENSA, Nov. 20.  


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The key is education. An uneducated, ignorant populace is easily seduced by a turkey or ham profferred by smiling conmen. They may promise to fix a road or help with home improvement, but stated in the article it is just a transaction, after which the politician is free to gorge himself at the governmental trough of goodies to his heart's content. Until such time as schools and universities are appropriately funded this debauchery will continue. As to GB, it is called willful ignorance and perhaps something I have referred to previously on this site--the Dunning-Kruger effect. When a little knowledge(questionable at its best) imbues the individual of the certainty of his position and a belief he knows more than everyone else, despite emperical evidence and facts to the contrary. After 2 years of dealing with this virus, GB is stuck on stupid!!

16 days ago

The cartoon - spot on! Freedom is the choice to make to decide your own fate and take on personal responsibility for your actions/decisions. Thanks LaPrensa.

17 days ago
General Butler

La Prensa stumbles onto the truth with this one. Regarding covid, they seem content blindly following the flock over a cliff.

17 days ago
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