OPINION:  Closing an impunity bolt hole

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“As it is, it is not working. It is an organ that costs countries a lot of money to have [only]recommendations. My proposal goes further, ” said Alejandro Giammattei, elected president of Guatemala, referring to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen). The politician does not rule out leaving the regional organization if reforms are not made so that their decisions are binding in each country, that is, they are incorporated as laws. It is the most sensible thing that can be done with an inoperative, expensive organization - because nothing comes from it that is mandatory - and, in the case of Panama, it has only served and serves as a den for politicians with accounts to adjust with Justice. Between the Parlacen and the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, these subjects have mocked the law. Although it had its beginnings as an integrationist entity, in practice it has been a resounding failure. It is the excuse for politicians to receive money from the State without earning it; to do tourism; to seek immunity, but, in no case, for the country to benefit from its existence. Panama must adhere to the proposal of the elected governor of Guatemala, and if there is no consensus on what is being proposed, our country must seek the legal mechanisms to renounce it. It is already good that those who seek not to be prosecuted in Panama are sheltered under the broad blanket of immunity they obtain by being members of the Parlacen, even before being sworn to take office. in no case, so that the country benefits from its existence. Panama must adhere to the proposal of the elected governor of Guatemala, and if there is no consensus on what is being proposed, our country must seek the legal mechanisms to renounce it- LA PRENSA, Aug 18


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George Klk

Panama | Guatemala Parlacen Impunity Corrupts Panama Financially and Economically to the... point of an international support clique dictatorship. Truth of the matter is... 1. Panama National Assembly reconstituted clique with previous former presidents has established the clear foundation agenda, mainly personal financial gain from state funds. 2. Panama new president administration has consolidated under their old constitution to preserve the... political parties status in position and corrupt power. 3. Panama previous administrations especially regarding former president Ricardo Martinelli found new ways with corrupt justice to gain [financial direct access impunity] with state fund sources. 4. Guatemala (Parlacen) has allowed the element of time required (delays) for the corrupt Panama Supreme Court Justice and lower court justices to shift elected magistrates to their favor. 5. Panama government institutions and organized body (organ) of the current National Assembly justifies their state public thefts as in a recent statement...peanuts. 6. Guatemala (Parlacen) must act quickly to impose immediate legal remedies to stem the flow of excessive political party corruptions before crimes such as human trafficking become the norm. 7. Panama current administration is testing the waters for legal loopholes for their supposed new Panama constitution reform. 8. Panama new constitution reform will undoubtedly find a ways to allow provisions using Parlacen. Example: a. New ways to avoid tax evasion with a limit cap of $300,000 maintaining Panama on the Grey List. b. New ways to exploit non-transparent agreements with international nations for monetary gains thereby continuing the exploitation of more corrupt nations for their political agendas. c. New ways for the National Assembly deputies to coordinate their operation for the good of their... preferred individual methods of financial organized crimes to maximize their efforts. d. New ways for the National Assembly to propose their enrichment formulas during clandestine meetings for their supposed benefits to Panama. 9. Panama debt crises...Panama Social Security Crises...Panama lack of medicine crises... Panama failure for a Children's hospital construction projects under the previous administration and Panama farmers granted $39 million stems from the financial depletion of the new bridge proposal. 10. Panama National Assembly (apparent dictatorship control) was acting as a welfare state with the addition of public funds for ham giveaways for their own re-election campaigns...not entirely eliminated with former N.A. president Yanibel Abrego with impunity. Guatemala (Parlacen) is Panama impunity and legal remedies must be established for the good of international communities to stem the flow of a direct and indirect exponential global crises!

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