OPINION: An anti-crime policy with no results

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Citizen security in Panama responds to an anti-crime policy that has had little or no effect, because, despite the supposed efforts of this administration, we feel unsafe on the streets. It is a sensation that has not been felt for a while: murders, assaults, robberies, organized and common crimes, even domestic crimes, have all been exacerbated. Nor is it a perception, as the authorities usually excuse themselves.

The statistics are beyond doubt. We are facing a questionable anti-crime policy, without results, which must be reviewed, since citizens do not have the bodyguards or SPI agents of those who ensure that this is a safe country.

We depend on what the security forces provide us, but the crimes, the violence with which they are committed and the lack of effectiveness of the Police have notably deteriorated trust.

This lack of security has consequences not only locally, but also internationally since the bad publicity of the country is usually reflected in the reports sent to their respective countries by the diplomatic representatives assigned in Panama and if they are negative, tourism is also seen injured. We need more effectiveness and fewer excuses. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 17.

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