OPINION: A light of hope in the Supreme Court

690Views 0Comments Posted 26/11/2019

President Laurentino Cortizo lit a light of hope, with his nine appointments to the Supreme Court of Justice. The female presence in the highest court is increased, and the substitutions represent the entire country. It is now up to the National Assembly, to live up to the citizen's expectation.

 Ratifications must be a clean and transparent process, there are no spaces for rattling or vulgarities. The government of Cortizo cannot leave the appointed magistrates alone. Panamanian justice requires many more funds to implement the judicial career, modernize its facilities, improve attention to victims, and increase the number of judges, prosecutors and investigators, so that there is no impunity. During the 30 years of democracy, the justice system has been relegated. Today, Transformation is possible, but it is a task of all public authorities, with the vigilance and participation of civil society. The task has just begun.-LA PRENSA,Nov. 26

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