OPINION: A life without taboos

Rosa María Britton

553Views 0Comments Posted 17/07/2019

Rosa María Crespo de Britton has left us. She has left leaving a brilliant wake as a citizen, literary, intellectual, defender of human rights, and as a doctor of medicine, who turned her life into a mission to fight against cancer and in favor of women's health. For dear Doctor Britton, there were never any taboos or sanctimonies that prevented her from confronting the hypocrisy, the dogmas and the sick Puritanism that overcome human dignity. Her literary work and her vocation for service touched thousands of lives, her  efforts in favor of culture, education and science were reflected in institutions such as the National Oncological Institute, the Panamanian Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Library. Her life is an example that must be emulated by present and future generations. Rosa María was encouraged by the love of truth and a deep desire to build a better country. For this newspaper that published her opinions and reviewed his exploits, it is clear that we have an unpayable debt with that great woman, luminary of science and letters. Thank you very much, Rosa María Britton. -LA PRENSA, July 17


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