OPINION: A first step against corruption

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It is still premature to celebrate some significant progress in the discussions of the public procurement law reform project, but there are important signs that deserve to be recognized. A group of deputies has proposed that companies internationally convicted of corruption be excluded from tenders and public purchases in Panama. Although the initiative is good at first sight, the complexity of the issue must be taken into consideration. What are the countries whose judicial systems can be trusted? How will the list of convicted companies be updated? The task is more complicated when considering the situation of companies that make joint ventures, that form strategic alliances or have independent subsidiaries. This should not discourage the proposal; Conversely, It must urge its promoters and all interested citizens to look for mechanisms that send the message that we do not want corrupt companies in Panama. We may need international help to achieve this, but that first step is worthwhile and is necessary for the good of the country.- LA PRENSA, Oct 9


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George Klk

Panama | Corrupt Companies: How They Get Away With it. 1. Corrupt companies have many levels of commanding positions...bosses, supervisors, etc. 2. Corrupt companies can threaten the job/s of employees indirectly in any position. 3. Corrupt companies have a way of intercepting phone conversations anywhere...at their homes, etc. 4. Corrupt companies can make demands for a long list of preferred high corrupt ranking officials. 5. Corrupt companies can obligate demands through large sums of capital in the contract. 6. Corrupt companies can divert their business transactions to minimize risk. 7. Corrupt companies may hire individuals / third parties that can be blackmailed or extorted. 8. Corrupt companies can will use lawyers to make threats of lawsuits for various interests. 9. Corrupt companies can delay a construction project to hurt Panama. 10. Corrupt companies can finally send the message to the Panama presidency / National Assembly..."TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM!" Panama should know corrupt companies have various tools at their disposal especially using Huawei or other simple devices like a free cell phone for keeping tab on whistle blowers for anyone working on company grounds. Removable batteries for smart phones should always be recommended. Panama should be well aware and informed of government and companies they work for. Examples: Devices record everything said, where they travel to (groceries, bar, hotels, etc.). Criticism and remarks that jeopardizes any corruption of company's network. More laws need to be in place to avoid potential casualties for the Panamanians!

1 month ago
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