OPINION - a coward's signature

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They are predictable, low-level criminals, and what makes them identifiable is the daily cowardice with which they act because they never show their faces, they attack hiding their hands, but they have done it so many times that it has become their signature. The news site relato.gt, from Guatemala, revealed days ago in an investigation the privileges that exist in the prison housed at the Mariscal Zavala military base. Yesterday, relato.gt published on its networks that since it disclosed the story entitled "Liquors, sex, and the best dishes in the VIP prison in Guatemala", where the children of former President Ricardo Martinelli are being held, pending their extradition to the United States, a network of call centers has made systematic publications in all the articles he publishes, in order to discredit and defame him. The portal has already identified that the profiles of the defamers are from Argentina, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, among other countries. relato.tg reported the incident to the Prosecutor's Office for Crimes against Journalists of the Public Ministry. The truth is, it doesn't take much imagination to know who is behind these attacks, because as is evident, it bears his signature: cowardice. – LA PRENSA, Feb. 22.




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