OPINION: A blind alley for justice

The Parlacen HQ in Guatemala

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There is something very attractive for so many people to aspire to represent the country in Guatemala one week a month. The Panamanian delegation to the Central American Parliament for the period 2019-2024 was officially proclaimed by the National Scrutiny Board. The list of 40 deputies, including principals and alternates, includes persons investigated by the courts and others who will benefit from the armor offered by having the same status as a member of the National Assembly.

Once they take possession of their positions, as of July 1, the proceedings of the Public Ministry will run into the wall of special processes before the Supreme Court of Justice. Panamanians are clear about what that means. Is this the reason why several ex-officers and the two sons of the ex-ruler for whom in extradition is requested. applied? Apart from this spurious benefit for the political class, it is not clear why Panama continues to belong to an entity that does not represent utility or good reputation. This  live play will become an unnecessary blind alley for justice. It is the same tragicomedy with new actors; We wish with a different ending.- LA PRENSA, June 6


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