OPINION: A $44.5 million absurdity

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If there is something absurd in this pandemic, it is the decision to garrison members of the National Police in hotels. This decision has cost the Treasury - that is, all of us - the sum of $44.5 million. To get an idea of ​​what such spending means, consider that repairing and rebuilding the damage caused by hurricanes last year in 133 critical areas in the west of the country would have cost about $45 million. Or the new Almirante hospital –in Bocas del Toro– that will cost $41.5 million, that is, $3 million less, work of 20,000 square meters, whose price includes studies, designs, plans, biomedical equipment, furniture, preventive maintenance for three years-, a water ambulance and a dock for patients in the insular area. It seems that when making these decisions the last thing you think about is cost, practical utility, viable alternatives, or reasonable use of money. The rulers that we have do not administer public affairs. Those who govern us are a bunch of incompetent people who do not know what to do with public funds, except to squander them or steal them through bribery. A humble family man would act with much more prudence than this bunch of politicians.- LA PRENSA, Nov. 1

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General Butler

This is not hyperbole - most people simply cannot think for themselves because they have been conditioned to leave that responsibility to the mainstream 'news' media. After a few years of this, hardly anyone is capable of critical thought anymore. We are several decades into this state of affairs and if those of who can still think don't stand up and shake the robots out of their stupor, we will regret it. The robots won't realize what has happened, even after it's too late, but we will. We will have to exist in the technetronic hell that's coming.

1 month ago

Did you know that New Zealand health minister Andrew Little appropriated $42 million to fund 36 projects directed at reducing misinformation and “vaccine hesitancy”? That, of course, is a small country comparatively but has anyone thought to question how much worldwide was spent to counter what has been referred to as “misinformation”, coupling Covid with Climate Change? Better be sitting down if this figure is ever released? And don’t even think to ask: what constitutes misinformation — you’ll get a blank stare from authorities.

1 month ago

If THAT is the only thing that you people think is absurd regarding the pandemic.....well keep on deniying and sleeping. You will wake up in a wonderful new world where not even your testicles will be your own..no matter if they grow inwards or outside. A JOKE!!!

1 month ago
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