OFF THE CUFF: Freeloader In God's hands

Franz Wever

527Views 0Comments Posted 06/04/2019

The Secretary-General of the National Assembly, Franz Wever who had ambitions to expand a lifetime of feeding at the public trough, and jetting around the world at taxpayer or sports organizations expense, has dropped his aspirations to be a judge of the Court of Auditors.

Wever said that his decision is for personal reasons which might explain widespread condemnation from civil society of a man embroiled in multiple scandals, but has never been far from the cookie jar.

"The truth is that yes, I gave up, everyone is talking pending about my life, what I do, what I do not do, I do not know why," he said.

So, "to make them happy, I gave up," he added. I'm not going to run and so everyone is happy," he told La Prensa.

But there is still hope:  "God has other things for me," he said.


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