OFF THE CUFF: Court grounds jet-setting former official with country arrest

Franz Wever

968Views 1Comments Posted 18/07/2019

 Franz Wever the peripatetic former secretary of the National Assembly and ex-lawmaker whose, world travels over decades have been funded from the public purse has finally been grounded – by a judge.

The Eighth Criminal Court granted bail of $150,000 while awaiting trial  for by alleged embezzlement  in the economic compensation of the diablos rojos (red devils) buses  through the Transportation Authority (ATTT)

In a  June 25, ruling , the substitute judge Katherina de Suárez said that Wever has the precautionary measure of an impediment to leave the country and the responsibility to inform the court if he changes his address.

 He considered that there is no danger of destroying evidence, or risk of neglecting the process and  Wever does not represent danger

Wever, investigated for the alleged commission of crimes against the public administration, according to the investigation, charged $75,000 in compensation for an operation certificate for the Ciudad Bolívar-Corredor Norte route. It was a small amount when set against the cost of his taxpayer-funded jaunts.


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antonio bocas

Franz Wever: morceau de merde!

4 months ago
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